Biblically based education for Pre-K through 6th grade.

Searcy Christian Academy is dedicated to educating PreK through 6th grade students in and around Searcy, Arkansas with Christian values and a comprehensive approach to learning. We are a non denominational school that utilizes a widely respected curriculum, dedicated teachers, and a partnership with families to grow.

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Help your child find the foundation they need through Christian education.

Your child will blossom in an environment that encourages academics and character building. Think of Christian education as an investment in your child's future; an investment in their spiritual, social, and emotional development that will pay dividends throughout their life. Searcy Christian Academy is an affordable, full-time program that provides quality education! 

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We want your child to thrive in all aspects of their lives.

We know you want a place where your child can be guided as they grow in faith and the world around them while also getting a thorough education. We use the Abeka Curriculum to provide our students with a well-rounded education deeply rooted in Christian values. 

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We're most proud of our...

Christian Values

Searcy Christian Academy is committed to building unity and cooperation in the Body of Christ.

Caring Teachers

Our faculty and staff get to know your child and fully invest in their needs.

Family Partnerships

We pride ourselves on meaningful relationships with the families of our students.

What our families say:

"It feels like an extension of our family. The curriculum is top notch. The values that we hold so dear are reinforced daily."

Sara S.

"We love the teachers at Searcy Christian Academy! The school is such a unique place and we feel like there is no comparison. Searcy Christian Academy is a place of love and fellowship. We can't  tell you enough how much this school means to our family."

Tara B.

"We know our kids are getting an amazing Biblical and academic foundation. The faculty knows our kids and wants what is best for them just like we do!"

Becca C.

"LCS provides a safe, loving and professional learning facility for children.  Not only in academics but it's filled with quality teachers that love and care about their students as well as the other staff.  We have loved our time at Liberty Christian School and are so thankful that in all the time spent there we know our child has received excellent teaching and loving care that holds up to the standard of the Bible."

Barbara H.

Get involved with Searcy Christian Academy!

Whether you are thinking about enrolling your child into our school or wanting to support our mission, we’d love to get to know you.

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